Information Technology

Our employees are doing an extraordinary work to help online companies, software vendors, and hardware manufacturers define the future. The information and industry rely on an effective ecosystem, from silicon to solutions, to drive digital innovation today and in the future. The industry sectors below encompass the critical ecosystem components required to drive ICT industry growth. Accenture is a powerful force in helping customers in these sectors achieve true high performance through our services.

A full range of services from the application, testing, and maintenance through deployment, upgrades and consulting. These services can greatly enhance your capabilities include Cloud, big data analysts, security, social media.

We help technology companies take advantage of the ever-changing technology industry through a broad array of services designed to meet companies wherever they are, across the value chain and around the globe. Our services include helping firms:

Assess the business technology and the impact of the upcoming cloud environment.
Define where business value resides and where opportunities exist for the internet of things solutions.
Explore the opportunities to create new business models leveraging mobility and broadening mobility portfolios through strategic acquisitions and partnerships.
Develop mobile and application security, privacy and regulatory compliance requirements.
Evaluate the benefits and risks of deploying social media tools to improve internal collaboration and customer reach while driving business performance.
Deploy business analytics methodologies, tools, and technology to improve sales, marketing, and operating efficiency.
Implement enterprise-wide regulatory compliance and international tax activities across multiple geographies.
Identify technology needs, evaluate strategic technology solution and partnership opportunities, and facilitate seamless integration.

Our services cover this broad spectrum of companies in these industries

-Technology Hardware
-Consumer Electronic Products
-Enterprise Technology Hardware
-Software Providers