Program & Project Management Tools

Patton Labs project management team includes managers with extensive management skills in addition to IT expertise. Based on our analysis and experience, the structured approach developed by PMI for project management is the best in class for project management. We follow Project Management Institute approach for all projects. Project management consists of 5 different processes as depicted in the picture.

To be successful in the process of rapidly changing globalization, speed is the only advantage companies have. Time-to-market is the critical differentiating factor among companies. Every company has the resources need to bring a new product to the market. But whoever brings the product to the market first, wins the market share. Our project management practice removes the barriers that slow down the project. General problems that contribute to slowing down a project are:

Based on our project management experience, we have the tools and rules to overcome these issues and finish a project successfully.
1.  The project is too big or the duration is too long.
2.  Project priorities are changed constantly.
3.  Too many product features.
4.  Not enough resources.
5.  Rework caused by poor quality.
6.  Poor planning, especially poor project definition.
7.  Perfectionism.

We analyze the business needs and architectural approaches before formulating the project plan. Our execution model differs from traditional methods, where the PM focus is on getting the project completed without understanding the organizational impact. Typical project managers don’t understand the workload of the organizational resources shared across the enterprise, most of them doing multitasking with competing priorities. Our initial analysis covers this resource component along with enterprise goal.

As part of our project management services, we also do industry comparison analysis for cost and schedule. Our team includes the experts in our service sectors and we strive to complete a project with optimal utilization of all resources, not just cost.

We constantly review our project management practice and make changes to streamline and strategize according to our service sector needs.

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